Guatemala Sinkhole

Information about the Guatemala Sinkhole or Guatemala Crater

Guatemala Sinkhole

The Guatemala sinkhole of May 31, 2010 appears to be one of the worst sinkholes in Guatemala City history.  These extremely surreal photos are depicting an terrible crater that was said to be caused by tropical storm Agatha.  The Guatemala sinkhole is being called a “hundimiento” or spontaneous sinkhole by the Guatemala City government.  Their scientists say this is just a random occurrence that happens from time to time when major storms pass by.  They generally only make slight depressions rather than this extremely deep freak of a sinkhole.

There is conflicting information so I will try to weed out the crap as the time passes.  Some sources were saying a security guard was the only fatality.  This is very sad if there were any deaths in the Guatemalan sinkhole, however this happened at an intersection so things could have gone much worse, especially considering how deep this beast of a sinkhole was.  The Guatemala Crater will most likely be remembered for a long time to come as ones this deep are rarely seen.   As it stands now they are estimating it is at least 18 meters wide, and 60 meters deep.

Update#1:  According to a local named “Les”  There used to be a house on the corner, and there was possibly up to three people in the house during the time of the Guatemala sinkhole.  This is turning out to be more tragic than originally thought, however I still think this could have gone much worse being that it was in an intersection in the large city of Guatemala City.

Update#2: A  body was just recently pulled from the giant sinkhole in Guatemala City, which has now been measured to be over 200 feet deep.

Update#3:  A viewer was asking for the Guatemala Sinkhole Coordinates, and it is roughly in the north eastern part of the city at: 14° 39′ 7.5″ N, 90° 30′ 21.5″ W

Update#4:  The Guatemala City Death Toll is up to 150 from Tropical Storm Agatha, mostly from flooding and landslides.  According to the breaking news articles, it seems only one man has actually died from the sinkhole itself

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